Joining The P&SFBA

The membership for the PSFBA runs from the 1st January each year but members joining after the 1st October shall not be required to renew their subscription for the next calendar year.

To renew your membership, please complete the form below - payment can be made direct into our PayPal account - see below for details

Single membership £10.00
Joint membership £12.00
Payment can be made either by PayPal on the P&SFBA web site or by mail to
Membership Secretary:

Ms Sue Hutchison
39 Riding Hill 
Great Lumley
Chester Le Street
County Durham


Membership Application/Renewal Form

The main aims of our club are:
* To promote the interests of the French Bulldog and its enthusiasts and to promote knowledge and understanding of the breed, throughout Scotland and Northern England.
* To encourage participation in and organise activities amongst French Bulldog owners and enthusiasts, including breed specific shows, rallies, match meets, educational seminars and social events. To encourage the involvement of young people in the breed.
* To promote the health and welfare of the French Bulldog through ethical breeding and ownership practices and by means of the French Bulldog health scheme.
* To encourage the application of the Good Citizens Scheme amongst French Bulldog owners.

The Pennine and Scottish French Bulldog Association is a very friendly club where we like to engage with our members. When you become a member you will be invited to take part in all the activities we arrange and have access to our website's members' area. As a club we have opted not to produce a monthly club magazine but instead put all the information we would normally print, on to our website's members' area. This way we are not restricted in anyway about the amount of content we can publish or how often we can interact with our members.

Not only does this bring the club and its members closer together but as a non-profit organisation the savings we make, not publishing and mailing a magazine, we can spend on other things like; subsidised seminars and arranging all other sorts of enjoyable events and get-togethers for our members.

You don't have to live in the Pennine's or Scotland to become a member of our club but any events we arrange will be held around this area. However, as a member, wherever you are based, we want you to feel part of our community. As a club we can give advice and support for both Frenchie pet owners and show owners or even if you haven't got a frenchie yet but would like advice about the best way of getting one.

We are a club that is very pro-active regarding Frenchie health and well-being and we like to stamp down on puppy farming. Instead we want promote responsible owning and breeding of Frenchies and we like to provide a wonderful community for Frenchie lovers both on and off line. 

To find out more about our ethos and what is expected of our members, please read our Code of Ethics and Rules & Regulations

£10.00 - Single 1 Year Membership
£12.00 - Joint 1 Year Membership

PAYMENT using PayPal
(Please note there are additional fees included in the price)
Please note that our PayPal email is

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: When your PayPal payment is complete, please download the application form and send it to the Membership Secretary so that we have a record of your contact details etc - thank you

£10.56 - Single 1 Year Membership (includes PayPal Fees)

£12.63 - Joint 1 Year Membership (includes PayPal Fees)


Memberships are Payable by "PayPal" or by "Cash/Cheque/Postal Order". If you choose to pay by "Cash/Cheque/Postal Order", please complete our Membership Form 

The subscription renewal is payable on 1st January each year, members joining after the 1st October shall not be required to renew their subscription for the next calendar year. Please read our Rules & Regulations for full explanation of membership.