About our Club

We are a canine breed club, located in Northern England and Scotland, for all Frenchie enthusiasts that own, have owned or would like to own a French Bulldog.  

Even though we are based in the Pennine's and Scotland we still welcome members from where ever you may live. If distance means you are not able to take part in any of our events, our online community can provide you with information, support and advice in most Frenchie related aspects.

The Pennine and Scottish French Bulldog Association would like to remind all members that the membership subscriptions are due end of the year. Single membership £10:00 and Joint membership now £12:00. Payment can be made either by PayPal on the P&SFBA web site or by mail to Julie Lowe, Membership Secretary

The P&SFBA Judges SubCommittee also kindly requests that all judges on the C, B and A2/3 judging lists send an up-dated CV by 1st February. Judges are asked to take particular note of the criteria for these lists due to the change of stud book band for the breed. Both the judges lists and a judge's up-date form are available on the Association web site.

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SUNDAY March 25th 2018
Judge: Mr Geoff Corish (Sealaw)
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The main aims of our club are;
* To promote the interests of the French Bulldog and its enthusiasts and to promote knowledge and understanding of the breed, throughout Scotland and Northern England.
* To encourage participation in and organise activities amongst French Bulldog owners and enthusiasts, including breed specific shows, rallies, match meets, educational seminars and social events. To encourage the involvement of young people in the breed.
* To promote the health and welfare of the French Bulldog through ethical breeding and ownership practices and by means of the French Bulldog health scheme.
* To encourage the application of the Good Citizens Scheme amongst French Bulldog owners.

 Mr Paul Worsley
Secretary: Mrs Jackie Mavro-Michaelis
Treasurer: Mrs Paula Small