New Rules For Registering A Litter

To help safeguard the welfare of dogs, the Kennel Club has recently reviewed its rules regarding litter registrations. This is great news to all those who are responsible breeders and here are the new details;

The Kennel Club will not accept an application to register a litter when:

  • The dam has normally already whelped four litters, or
  • The dam has already reached the age of 8 years at the date of whelping (relief from this restriction may be considered normally provided an application is made prior to the mating, the proposed dam has previously whelped at least one other registered litter, and the application is supported by veterinary evidence as to the suitability of the bitch involved in the proposed whelping), or
  • The dam was under one year old at the time of mating, or
  • The offspring are the result of any mating between father and daughter, mother and son or brother and sister, save in exceptional circumstances or for scientifically proven welfare reasons, or
  • The dam has already had two litters delivered by caesarean section, save for scientifically proven welfare reasons and this only normally provided the application is made prior to the mating, or
  • The dam was not resident at a UK address at the date of whelping.